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Shipping & Returns

1. Upon receipt of your order, we will begin processing takes approximately 1-2 business days. If your order is in stock and things are going well, the product will be sent out after you provide your order and a tracking number will be sent to you. Usually 5-8 business days delivery. It is intrinsically dependent on the environment. If your order is in stock, they will usually get a week.
2. Transport is made by DHL, FEDEX, UPS main component USA.
3. The reasons for the delay are as follows:
- "acquisition" and "receiving" the address is not the same. Order Waiting for Credit Approval and Validation. - Currently this product is not in stock
. - Do you need to adjust some commands? Once you have your "checkout" button on your order, you will see an order confirmation page where your order number will be emailed to. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us.

rewards Your satisfaction is our pursuit. If you look at our work is not over, click on "buy". As a wholesaler and retail supplier is our long-term relationship with our clients. Therefore, we use our services until the user is completely satisfied with the following constraints. We understand that every customer is unique in their needs, so be prepared to deal with any problems that may arise.
1. We can return, exchange or refund, if the customer found any quality problems, your items are sent to us after we issue the wrong item. In this case, the product photo part of the problem, send us an e-mail, we confirm that we will discuss with you about the details of the compensation issue.
2. Requires all of our items to be returned in their original state, ie worn, altered or cleaned, with all the labels attached. For the purchase of products only accept the return of goods received within 7 days.
3. A refund is issued in the same form as the original payment of this amount and the receipt of the demand for the goods may take 7-15 days. Return or Exchange NO when these products are used.
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