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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Policy explains in general terms, as we are. Confidentiality of Personal Information It applies to all personal information provided. When we register
What information do we collect?
The personal data we collect from you depends on the type of environment and services you need to collect. For example, if we have a product that collects information on this site, you may want to purchase information such as your name, e-mail address, shipping address, billing address, etc. to purchase.
According to the law, in order to obtain the "sensitive data" collection license, suppose you are in accordance with this instruction to provide a collection of all information to comply with our use, when you tell us what
How we collect
data When you visit our website, when you deal with us, we may disclose personal information collected through our website, or if you are in contact with us personally. We do not collect personal information without the user's consent. We believe this is due to the agreement when necessary, through the field of this site to facilitate the transaction to fill.
How to use
personal information Personal information is usually collected for the following purposes:
1 For easy access to our website, products and services
2, can be ordered from us here
products 3 To get information about our products and services
4 Get your views on our products, services, marketing and website.
Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties We may use your personal information for the purpose for which the third party collects the data or for the purpose of disclosure, for example, on behalf of you or you to complete the transaction. Purchased products engage third parties to provide services to us, who conduct personal data processing, and we have contracted content. For example, the current domestic third-party to:
1 Get the supplied product from the website
2 Enter

electronic funds transfer service, credit card processing and invoicing Your profile
Of course, he brought their personal information, we do not want to exchange, rent or sell. We will take all appropriate measures to ensure that we have the security of your information. Personal data can be stored in electronic form and in our computer systems. Firewalls, passwords, antivirus software and e-mail filtering to protect all of our electronic data.
To solve your worries
If you would like to collect or use questions about your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will process the request or complaint to reply as soon as possible.
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